Effects Of Drug Abuse To Teenagers

Have you ever thought of how much danger a teenager is exposed to as a result of drugs and substance abuse? Most of the drugs that are mostly abused are tobacco, bhang, and alcohol. Many teenagers engage in drug abuse not out their good will but due to peer pressure. At teenage age, friendship to a teenager is perhaps one of the most value things. No teenager would think of possibly letting go a friend; as a result, many teenagers finds themselves dragged in drug and substance abuse. How Drug Abuse Affect Teenagers? This article will try to answer that question.

Teenagers Suffer From Detrimental Brain Ion.

Drugs have effects towards the brain of a teenager. The first thing that drugs affect is the teen’s memory. Drugs usersgvcgvcgrv often suffer from memory loose. Drugs reduce the ability of drugs to store memories. This can affects the teenager in a great way especially if the teenager is still in school. Drugs also reduce the teen’s ability to experience pleasure. The brain should be able to experience pleasure. When a person indulges in drug abuse, the ability of the brain to experience pleasure is compromised. Substance abuse in teenager also leads to decreased ability of the brain to work and withhold high books or job pressure. This leads to poor performance in job and also in the class.

There Is High Exposure To Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Drugs usage leads to the disability to make good personal judgments. When teenagers are under the influence of drugs they are likely to engage in unprotected sex. Some drugs result in unconsciousness. This can make a teenager being drugged or raped. This exposes the youth to diseases like HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Besides, the teenager is also exposed to unwanted pregnancies. Unplanned pregnancies may occur when teens engage in unsafe sex under the influence of alcohol. Pregnancies lead to school dropout and social problems.

Drugs Expose The Teenager To Social And Professional Risks.

Social problems start immediately the teenager starts using drugs. The teenager may be under age. This is a violation of the law and can lead to imprisonment in a juvenile court or other forms of punishments. Drugs lead to disagreements between the parent and the teenager. No parent will allow his children to engage in drug abuse. This can lead to a bad relationship with the parent and the teenager. Professional risks arise when a teenager is expelled from school. A teenager may also leave school as a result of pregnancy. This can delay his or her entry to career paths.

Addiction To Drugs.

dgf3gdft3fAddiction is associated with uncouth behaviors in social life. Drugs addicts incur a lot of expenses in rehabilitation facilities. Addiction also means that the teenager will not be able to conduct his normal activities without drugs. Some drugs are known to be very expensive. A teenager is hardly employed. To get the money to buy drugs the teenager can engage in theft and robbery.

Drug abuse-possesses no good to a human life and mostly the life of a teenager. Parents should teach their student how to overcome peer pressure. Teenagers should, on the other hand, try as much to keep away from drugs and substance abuse. They should seek guidance from seniors and professional counselors.