Home Pregnancy Tests – The Basics And What Can You Expect

In order to accurately determine whether you are pregnant or not, you will want to get the most accurate home pregnancy test you can find. Fortunately, the majority of well-known brands, right down to the cheapest ones available, are quite accurate. But, if you want to ensure the most accurate results, you will have to take the test at the right time. That does not mean that the test itself will be bad. What it means is that the test will not be as accurate as it is capable of. In general, the accuracy of a home pregnancy test depends on both the user and the test itself.

How do they work

Almost all home pregnancy tests work on the same principle. When a woman is pregnant, her body starts producing a hormone called HCG. The purpose of every home pregnancy test is jhgftfyttrrggto measure the amount of HCG in urine. The test kits usually vary in sensitivity. Therefore, you can detect your pregnancy earlier or later, depending on the kit you are using. If you are not quite sure about this, make sure to always read the instructions of the particular kits, in order to see how sensitive they are. For that matter, you can also check out https://www.diigo.com/profile/e_crawford and go through some of the best home pregnancy tests available.

When should you take a test

This usually depends on the pregnancy test kit you are using. While some test kits are advertised as being able to detect pregnancy within six days of ovulation, the majority of accurate tests are those that can detect pregnancy around two weeks after ovulation. For the majority of women, this happens mid-way during their ovulation cycle. Even if you have a very regular menstrual cycle, make sure to wait no less than seven days after your period was due before taking the test. This way, you will ensure the highest level of accuracy.

How accurate are they

Most studies suggest that home pregnancy tests are around 97-98% accurate. Even though there are cases where false positives occur, that happens very rarely. However, keep in mind to always follow the given instructions, so as to achieve maximum accuracy. As we have already mentioned, you should take the pregnancy test only after your last period is due, for the most reliable results. In most cases, negative tests that subsequently turn out to be positive, are not a result of unreliable or faulty products. Instead, they are usually caused when a woman takes the test too early.

Should you use a home pregnancy test

kjhgyhuuujjIf you notice your period is late, or if you are suffering from various symptoms such as sore breasts or morning sickness, you are most likely pregnant. If you are still hesitant about seeing a doctor, a home pregnancy test can be an excellent alternative. If you notice your period is late, that is a clear indication that you are in the post-ovulation period and that is definitely the best time to take a home pregnancy test.

In the end, always remember that, although home pregnancy tests are highly accurate, reliable and perfectly safe, you should not skip seeing a doctor, so as to confirm the results. Also, make sure to wait at least three months before announcing the big news.